CW Leader Thundercracker

So I got some poster board today, and here’s the result of my makeshift studio, for the time being. Also, I’ll be finishing off the BotCon 2015 pics, but I have to do a few more pics for the Waruders. Expect them to be published later in the week.

Combiner Wars Leader Thundercracker was one of those things where you didn’t know you wanted it until you had it. I might do a legit review of him one day…

Anyways enjoy the pics! 😀

DSC02902 DSC02903 DSC02905 DSC02906 DSC02908 DSC02909 DSC02910 DSC02911 DSC02912 DSC02913 DSC02916 DSC02917 DSC02918 DSC02920 DSC02921 DSC02923 DSC02925 DSC02926 DSC02927 DSC02928 DSC02929 DSC02930 DSC02931


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