TF Pics, Vol. 2 & 1/3: Diaclone 2-pack

One of the souvenir sets from BotCon 2015 was the Diaclone 2-pack, with Burn-Out as a redeco of Gen. Skids, and Lift-Ticket a redeco of Gen. Hoist. This set has really grown on me, despite my little interest and knowledge of the precursor to the original Transformers toys, the Diaclone toys. It’s actually quite a neat concept, I suggest you take a look on TFWiki, very cool stuff. The other two sets will be posted soon, thanks and enjoy!

Burn-Out (pictured, but not packaged w/Dia)


Lift-Ticket (pictured, but not packaged with Cline)


And lastly, the two mech suits and their operators together:



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